Stay Present in Your Business even when you’re Absent – Scheduling Posts

Stay present in your business even when you can't

Life happens to us all.  Medical and family challenges, operational hiccups, or even just an overdue breakaway which is still disruptive to our business engagement.

Stay present in your business even when you can't
Stay present in your business even when you can’t

Fortunately there are many tools to help us stay present in our business when it would otherwise be difficult or even impossible.  Different tools are available for various platforms and social media settings. Here I will illustrate HOW TO keep engagement on your Facebook Business page high when you cannot engage with your followers yourself for any reason:

1 ~ Create your Facebook post as you would have:

Remember to make it true, relevant and reflective of your brand’s personality!

Now, for what you will do differently, i.e. how to schedule Facebook posts in advance:

2 ~ Select the options arrow next to “publish” and click on schedule:


3 ~ Select the date and time you want the post to be published:

This can coincide with when you usually would have done a Facebook Post, or it can be linked to a specific campaign or competition deadline.  The point is, think about it a bit to get greatest efficacy out of this offered flexibility.


4 ~ Voila!

You will notice that it shows a new block e.g.: “1 Schedule Post – Scheduled for tomorrow at 10am” and an option to see the post/s.

You can always still cancel or update any scheduled posts, so there is no final point of no return to fear either!

Why not try and schedule a post on your own Facebook Business page RIGHT NOW while the info is fresh and the steps are right in front of you?  You can do it in minutes!

I know how busy we all are in our small businesses.  I am no different: I juggle and rush (even though I try my best to stay mindful and present) and I wear about 7 different hats each day to keep things moving forward.  I am SO aware of how my clients are battling with this too on a daily basis and I have huge compassion!

Sometimes we get into the bad HABIT of working too hard and multi-tasking.  The truth is, the more experienced I become, the more I realize that multi-tasking is a fallacy anyway, and that there is a cost associated with task switching (mental energy, concentration and remembering where we were).

I suggest you not only use a tool like this to schedule Facebook posts in advance when you are going to be incapacitated, but even just to schedule focused time when you think through your Facebook campaigns and engagement, say for 2 hours on a Monday morning, which frees you up to give your clients your full attention the rest of the week.

You obviously still need to answer private messages, respond to comments, or follow up on your Facebook Ad Campaigns, but even those tasks can be scheduled to be at set times each day so that you are not side-tracked or disrupted all the time.

We need to remain Masters of our own time…



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Author: Ronel Pieterse

Ronel has spent 24 years in the corporate world (finance, banking, mining, manufacturing and agriculture) and has also started 5 small businesses herself over the past 20 years. Four of these are still operational today in one form or another. Ronel's passion is to use her considerable skills in spheres of business and IT to help other small business owners and entrepreneurs to grow their businesses to the next level and to attain sustainable competitive advantage in the process.

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