FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main Services you Excel at?

We specialise in Digital Marketing (e.g. Website Development & Adwords Campaigns) and real Growth for your small business.

Do you only service Small Businesses on the Garden Route and West Coast?

We want to help as many small businesses succeed as possible. This means that we do the majority of our work with small businesses situated absolutely anywhere. Since we are willing and able to work remotely using Skype, e-mail etc., this means that not only can we reach more small businesses, but we can keep costs down for those businesses. If you do want to meet with us in person, we can only assist you in the Garden Route and West Coast areas as our availability allows.

Can you help us get funding for a new small business or start-up venture?

Small Business Volution wants to help small businesses evolve to the next level. We can help you think through a new small business concept or to write a business plan for a new business. We are NOT equipped to help you fund your start-up. There are various banking and government initiatives where for funding if your business idea is sound and you have thought it through. In our experience, if you cannot find funding, your business model or plan has not been refined to convince lenders or sponsors properly.

What Training or Courses do you offer?

Follow our lively Follow Small Business Volutions on Facebook Facebook Page and subscribe to our regular educational Blog Posts. You will also learn there about occasional webinars and seminars we offer.

I already have a website - can you help me alter it or teach me how to do it myself?

We assist with the development of new small business websites, as well as alterations to existing small business websites. We have also successfully taught laymen how to make basic changes to websites themselves. However, if your website is very poorly written or using archaic methodology, we will decline or offer to simplify things for you going forward.

Why aren't you guys working for corporates where you'd earn a lot more?

Excellent question. Why are you running a small business yourself? Many small business owners CHOOSE to leave the corporate environment for varying reasons: a clash of ethics & values; wanting to be self-determining; having a niche service or product to develop; not wanting to report to someone else or wait on others for deliverables; not wanting to sit in traffic; wanting to be free of endless time-wasting meetings; wanting a more nimble vehicle to steer or simply because of a wish to work from home, or remotely, or in pj's. We'll let you guess which of the above apply to us : )

I desperately need help with my small business but I am just too overwhelmed to fit in another appointment or process...

...and burning out will wipe your calendar clean and undo all your hard work! We are equipped to help you with admin and other routine entrepreneurial workload in the short term while we help you find ways to leverage your success while minimizing your effort.

Other ways to have your Questions answered

We aim to have your questions answered easily.  Just ask.

How about chatting to us right now?

For quick-to-implement business ideas and tricks to tweak your small business, please subscribe to our free Info Service or Follow us on Facebook.

"I worked with Ronel at DeBeers. I highly recommend Ronel for her attention to detail, her passion, her drive and her objectivity. She is so dedicated to achieving her goals, that she is an inspiration to all who know her. I am honored to have worked with her. "


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