Delegate! You don't have to do it all forever!

Support for small business and small business services to help you out

Small Business Admin Support, Outsourcing & Retainers

Sometimes all a small business owner needs is a break to regain perspective.

We offer small business consulting services and marketing consulting to help with your business strategy and management. One thing we can't do for you, is rest!

Delegation is a key skill an entrepreneur must learn on their small business journey. Some tasks (see our retainer & outsourcing services below) CAN be done by someone else with minimal risk & cost.  Just take a break. You owe it to yourself & your business.

Although a small portion of our business, we love it when we can support & free up an entrepreneur for an overdue break.  Some support tasks are handled by our more junior consultants which gives them exposure and reduces the cost to you.

We'd love to help. Let us know how we can perhaps take the load off you for a while?

Monthly Retainer Services

Our monthly retainer services are most popular to assist small business owners with the ongoing management of their Digital Marketing Engine:

Outsourcing Services

You can outsource certain functions to us, whether once-off, or over a longer period.

If its just lurking on your to-do-list making you feel sluggish from procrastinating so much, give it to us to do!

  • We offer affordable photographic services for your business or product.
  • We write Policies & Procedures Manuals
  • We write Training Manuals for your business
  • We write Work Profiles or ads for new employees.

Adhoc Admin Support

Any admin you can imagine handing to us with clear instructions, we can get on with.

Then you take some time off or strategise about the future of your small business.

  • We proofread your website, newsletter or presentation for you.
  • We do transcription of a disciplinary hearing recording, or research survey calls you made.
  • We update your database with names & e-mail addresses of all your enquiries in a time period.

Learn to Delegate

Only a business owner can drive and lead a small business to greatness.

Yet, we often find entrepreneurs who should be taking a well deserved break, or focusing on strategic issues, with their noses deep in admin!

"I highly recommend... for attention to detail, passion, drive and objectivity. So dedicated to achieving goals"