Small Business Marketing Solutions

Small businesses are seeded from a product, skill or service idea that an entrepreneur believes will add value to consumers.  This only succeeds if all elements of your marketing efforts work together synergistically.

Elements of a Marketing Strategy must work together

In our small business consulting, we seldom see small business owners, one-man businesses or family concerns craft a small business marketing strategy, brand or segmented small business target market. There is lack of an effective web strategy, no capturing of leads into a database and poor sales performance and tracking.

Or... the marketing plan is in the mind of the business owner only. Staff can't implement plans if goals aren't stated in deliberate, clear terms.

Given the constraints of small businesses and the results you require to survive in tough conditions peppered with competitors, you need to be stingy with how you spend your energy and your marketing budget.

Business marketing and sales may not be your strong point, yet it is totally critical to small business growth.

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Process to get Your Brand Out There

It is critical to know WHO will benefit from using your product or service and HOW you will get them to know about and choose you. Know your market's attributes:

  • Marketing Strategy - start with what is known as a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats). It also helps to know your own personal strengths and passions.
  • Market Research - this can be formal and exhaustive, though often not. Keep it in writing to allow comparison with future research efforts.
  • USP - Unique Selling Points are critical in differentiating you from your competitors. Else your small business is in trouble.
  • Target Market - brainstorm everyone that may benefit from what your small business offers, then segment it into groups (you may even decide to exclude specific target groups or types of client).
  • Branding - beyond logo & brochure colours, it is a fundamental, psychological & descriptive message consistently conveyed, even in business photography.
  • Marketing Plan - this fleshes out the mix of the "6 P's" (Product, Price, People, Promotion, Place and Positioning).
  • Pricing Strategy - this is a critical aspect in small business management that requires knowledge of your competitors' positioning and pricing too; creating packages for your various target markets can also differentiate your business.
  • Sales process - know what sales techniques to use for your product & target market; and how to focus on the moments-of-truth in your sales cycle.
  • Database building - every protential customer, whether converted into a sale or not, may benefit from your offering in future. Meanwhile, offer them your educational newsletters.
  • Performance tracking - whether a formal set of graphs produced every quarter, or an informal peek at your conversion rate during month-end processing, assess whether you are targeting, reaching & converting your target market.

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Basic Market Research Example

The below image shows a very basic sample analysis in a small town self-catering cottage market.

Although it may take time to find or estimate the answers to some of the key things you want to look at, you will quickly spot differences that will MAKE YOU THINK:

Basic marketing research for small business

In the above example, these conclusions could lead to breakthroughs in your marketing:

  • Competitor A has higher occupancy and income despite fewer staff and laxer terms
  • It does not seem to be high pricing that is putting off guests in our area
  • One-nighters are also not allowed by Competitor C
  • Competitor C performs best overall
  • Competitor B probably needs more staff (but we won't tell them)
  • What do I value more: high rating or high income?
  • And are they even mutually exclusive?

We can help you with these marketing processes, or help create marketing strategies, or arrive at key conclusions to create a breakthrough for your business.

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