Small Business Consulting

Small Business Owners may shy away from getting consulting services in their small businesses. The generic term "consulting" may bring to mind laborious work sessions, thick repetitive documents and a large bill.

Small business owners are already overwhelmed, and also notoriously self-directed & autonomous.

So with us, please know:

  • We listen carefully and offer you practical steps to take NOW. If we can't help you, we'll say so to save you time & money.
  • No long sessions with whiteboards, water jugs and peppermints.
  • No thick documents to wade through.
  • Just. Simple. Straightforward. Practical. Advice.

Independent advice is especially important in small business success, as all of us have suffered from blind spots in our own one-man shows and micro businesses. An outside expert can help with advice on small business processes!

"I was pretty clueless to most of the terminology used in this field, but with Ronel’s guidance and step by step approach, I was quite comfortably transported along a brief journey of excellent service, extraordinary attention to detail & sheer professionalism and commitment. I'm truly satisfied with the end product and wouldn't hesitate to make use of her expertise in future"


An expert perspective is a phone call away.

Functional Advice for Small Business

Steps to responsible business approaches

Most small business challenges are solved by:

  1. More income!
  2. A few key tools and processes applied across the Functional Areas.
Strategy Consulting - beyond a broad marketing strategy, it includes the personality, geography and niche gaps present in our client's sphere. We put our heads together in a creative process to scan what is similar, different, unique & challenging.
Survival Coaching - we take it upon ourselves to offer survival advice frequently. Many small businesses cease to operate: not through lack of profit, but because the small business owner burns out, or worse, becomes critically ill. Wearing too many hats, not asking for help, not using tools & techniques to decompress and destress, not taking vacations, not keeping balance in family-work-fun - this impacts business success! Small businesses only exist because of small business owners. Self-care is a small business success secret - to outlast your competition!

Consulting for Small Business Functions

Our support & consulting services cover all business functions:

Business Consulting - most like traditional consulting touching on the who/what/when/where/how of functional business areas, but informal and to the point.
IT Consulting - your web strategy as well as IT tools for your industry (e.g. Nightsbridge in Hospitality Services). A simple spreadsheet can become a key tool, or you may need an e-commerce solution with a shopping cart. We do program setup & training to get you going.
Operational Consulting - a common small business weakness is for a business owner to know what's cooking in the business - in his or her head! Every business should have an operational manual of processes to be followed by someone standing in for the business owner in case of illness or vacation or worse. We also scour operational process flows for efficiency gains.
Financial Consulting - an inside joke in the entrepreneurial field is that no one budgets and "somehow" survives. Well, not for long nor effectively. We can help with a basic budgeting tool.  We can set up a working small business budget for you and train you on it. We highly recommend Luminous Instant Accounting offered free to FNB business account holders - this tool can save hours of work and keep you up-to-date with your small business accounting and tax/vat returns.

Whichever small business function or arena you feel you need help in, contact us now.

 Strategy Consultant for Small Business to get you top of your game Financial Consultant for Small Business to help you breathe again Marketing Consultant for Small Business at your Service Operational Consultant for Small Business to help streamline business processes Consultant for Small Business to help you with HR admin tasks Consultant for Small Business to streamline your business functions and small business management IT Consultant for Small Business to help you with technology solutions to your small business problems Professional Photography Service for Small Business to represent your brand Support Consultant for Small Business services and small business administration support