Trust us with your information: we keep strict Privacy

When potential clients contact us via phone or e-mail or they enquire via any of the automated mechanisms available, we clearly have access to contact information to allow us to contact them back.

If we design a Digital Marketing Engine, or consult on a marketing strategy for a client, or design and develop a website and AdWords campaigns for them, or help them grow their business to the next level, we also gain insight to their most secret strategies!

At Small Business Volution we respect the privacy of information and we will never share, sell or pass on your private / contact information to any 3rd party not directly linked with the management and marketing of Small Business Volution.

The same applies when when you subscribe as a member of our free Small Business Information Service, as we build up a database of contacts who'll benefit from the information we share. By the way, you should be doing the same in your small business - if you aren't yet, ask us now to help you.

You will always be presented with the opportunity to unsubscribe, after which we'll remove your info completely.

So, rest assured, our privacy policy will always solidly protect your valuable information. We can sign an NDA if required, though most clients just hold us to this privacy policy.

We passionately embrace good business ethics!

"Not only delivers on undertakings, but makes a difference and shares learnings along the journey."


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