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Thank you Ronel for our wonderful (beautiful AND clever) website. Your advice and knowledge as we start our journey in a whole new business world, were priceless. Your background in the hospitality industry were invaluable in this process. You went above and beyond in helping with the right info and image for my specific market and business. I've learned such a lot about digital marketing - it will give our business the edge it needs. I am looking forward to working with you again.

Chris and Jenny Sturgess - Owners/Managers:
Bella Manga Country Escape - Plettenburg Bay

Chris & Jenny Sturgess - more satisfied clients of small business volution
Another happy client - Shannon Betts and Eugene Botha of ICB

It is the first time someone has taken the time to LISTEN, really listen to what my desires are and my business-heart wants. Ronel's attention to detail is impeccable and unlike any other consultant or advisor; It's as though she just knows and "gets it". What an absolute pleasure it is working with her! Ronel, thank you deeply for all you do.

Shannon Betts & Eugene Botha - Owners:
Integrated Consciousness BodyWorks - Greenside, JHB

I received an amazing website. Ronel went above and beyond on helping me to get my own domain and email set up. The website has a professional look and I am sure that I will soon have more customers due to the website. Thank you for the friendly voice when we spoke on the phone and the stunning website...

Billy Engelbrecht - Owner/Diving Instructor:
Serendipity Diving School - Pretoria

Another satisfied client who won annual 2017 win-a-website competition
Very satisfied client - a pleasure to work with you!

Ronel designed my website from scratch and what an amazing & professional job she has done! Being a senior citizen, I was pretty clueless to most of the terminology used in this field, but with Ronel’s guidance and step by step approach, I was quite comfortably transported along a brief journey of excellent service, extraordinary attention to detail & sheer professionalism and commitment from such a delightful person. I'm truly satisfied with the end product and wouldn't hesitate to make use of her expertise in future.

Gordon Rendall - SHEQ Consultant & Owner; Gauteng

The website looks amazing; I'm very happy and great thanks to you for having the creativity to implement what I visualized. So pleased !! Thanks so much for your fantastic work.

Paballo Komane - Business Owner; Cape Town

Client of SBV
Lovely working with committed clients who love us.

Wow, you’re like a rocket!!!! Such thorough advice on and installation of our Facebook Business Marketing. Your standard of service is absolutely excellent and I will have NO PROBLEM recommending you to anyone.

Liesel Teversham - Author, Coach, Owner:
Savvy Self Growth - Rivonia

I worked extensively with Ronel for a month on a hand-over project for my online tourism business. I was super impressed with Ronel's knowledge of digital marketing, including website development, SEO optimization, Google AdWords and Social Media integration. She knows how to align the online strategy with the business strategy and how to make money from it. I would highly recommend Ronel to assist any business owner to develop and implement a winning digital strategy for their business.

Danie Jansen van Vuuren - Owner:
Forest Edge Nature Lovers' Retreat - Knysna

SBV - we have fantastic clients!
Clients who are friends, clients who become friends

I worked with Ronel at DeBeers. I highly recommend Ronel for her attention to detail, her passion, her drive and her objectivity. She is so dedicated to achieving her goals, that she is an inspiration to all who know her.   I am honored to have worked with her.

Sean Liesenberg - Senior Systems Analyst:
De Beers (Now New York, Bloemfontein then)

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Our Clients are all over SA - Map Here

SBV helped me to navigate a whole new world and Ronel did it with such efficiency and care. She really tunes into one's needs and is able to give really practical advice. I feel incredibly empowered by my new knowledge of the SEO world. She takes time to explain so I now feel like I can move forward on my own in this new world that was previously mysterious to me.

Isa-Lee Jacobson - Owner: Flying Films; Cape Town

We built a high-performing Adwords Campaign for Flying Films in Cape Town
Another satisfied Small Business Volution client - Hanlie Vermaak and Fanie Vermaak of Pharos School

Many thanks for a superb business plan. You truly have the ability to "see inside our heads" and to word things clearly and professionally. You picked up on our vision and passion - a gift not often found! So much more than linguistic crafting. With you, we can cross the Drakensberg barefoot! Hoping for a long association with you, and to use more of your services.

Hanlie & Fanie Vermaak - Owners-Principal - Pharos School; Jeffreys Bay

It is so nice to work with someone who has 'been there' and not to be confronted by an over-eager IT wizard who is out to try and impress you with big words and bad ideas. Ronel makes it very easy for you to get all your processes going (sy kan nogal kwaai wees ook!). Thanks for all so far - we look forward to working with you further on our project.

Roelof Oosthuizen - Partner:
Bosberg Organic Meat & Biltong - Citrusdal

JJ & Roelof Oosthuizen - Owners of Bosberg Organic Meats & Biltong reviewed SBV
Another satisfied client - Wendy Leppard of The Space In Between

Small Business Volution is the answer to those of us with small businesses. I was so nervous of social media and 'put it out there' that I would love someone to 'hold my hand'. In the first inspiring email I received from Ronel, those were her words and the results have been amazing. They created a beautiful FB page for me, and have continued to inspire and encourage me while I'm easing my way into it. My heartfelt Gratitude to you... I appreciate you and highly recommend your service.

Wendy Leppard - Owner-operator:
The Space In Between - Craighall

Ronel is a multifaceted persona with a rare mix of high intelligence, and superb competence, peppered with touch of whimsical and magical energy. She not only delivers on her undertakings, she makes a difference and shares her learnings as she journeys. Her entrepreneurial spirit encompasses bettering the lives of those she comes into contact with.

Dr Renate Volpe - CEO:
Leadership Consulting & Development - Johannesburg

We seem to grow our business, and as people, together with our clients
We build long-term client relationships

Ronel is an exceptional project manager who understands business requirements, and who is technical enough to translate this requirement to developers and ensure accurate and timely delivery of projects. Having worked alongside Ronel on another project recently, she's honed these skills and remains an exceptionally competent & talented individual.

Johann Ungerer - CEO:
Azuro Business Solutions (Pty) Ltd - Sandton

We have used Ronel extensively and she has an outstanding ability to identify key issues and deliver on these. She is extremely professional, requires no management, can be left to deliver and she will. Her grasp across different aspects of IT is also superb.

Warren Bond - Co-founder & CEO:
Luminous, Matchi, Switch & Sport For All - Johannesburg & London

SBV client that is making waves globally
Clients who are like family

Ronel offers excellent Project Management of a network of experienced consultants and she delivered a superb Marketing Strategy.

Elizabeth Lemmer - Founder:
Khulile Africa & NPO Consultant - Limpopo

Employed by me in 1990 to undertake a significant project at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. During this 18 month project, Ronel provided technical & personal leadership and innovation. The quality of work was such that the new solution was implemented on a Fri 13th with no serious flaws. Ronel has since set herself other challenging goals and has met them with her typical flair and aplomb.

Gilles Rabaud - Practice Lead:
Redvespa Consultants (Now NZ, then JHB)

This client we were also a client to at other times!

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Skype & E-mail works for most clients

To help save our clients money (i.e. travel costs), the majority of our business is done remotely, i.e. via Skype, E-mail etc. This saving applies to remote clients as well as those close to us.

It may also be the only way we can fit you in if we are very booked up, due to time taken up by travel; not to mention that it fits in with our low carbon footprint aim.

We want to help small businesses everywhere to succeed!

In person - West Coast / Garden Route

We can meet clients in person anywhere along the West Coast / Garden Route route. Where possible we'll come to you to observe your business set-up. For our first appointment, we can also meet in a coffee shop that will suit both parties if you prefer.

Note: We charge travel costs as an extra to keep our standard services affordable.

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