Website Design is Essential

Any small business improves with a good website.
You need a web presence!!!

A website is the KEY to your Digital Marketing Engine.

Without a functional website, you cannot build a Digital Marketing Engine to grow your income or business

Small business owners who build their own websites, end up getting a professional to re-do it. Here's why:

  • Getting your existing website to be truly responsive and mobile friendly is no simple matter
  • Website Design needs marketing strategy & branding
  • A professional does SEO from the start
  • There are background technical files a professional will prepare for Google to find and index your website
  • Professionals know how to incorporate Google Analytics and Facebook pixel snippets correctly
  • Experienced developers do it faster & better!

Outsource small business website development & maintenance; stick to your competencies and delegate!

Website maintenance

An outdated website is ineffective and a reputational risk.

Many clients worry about keeping their website up to date. If you need changes made, arrange it NOW.

If you want to learn how to make small changes yourself, we can train you on basic website maintenance, photo updates etc.

Small Business Volution is affordable enough for you to let us handle the technical aspects of a website for your small business, whether once-off, or on monthly retainer.

We can fix or build your website in days - contact us!

Think you don't need a website?

NOT fully booked?

If you are not busy & profitable, getting a website is a no-brainer! It also allows you to target & inform visitors; key to long-term sustainability in small businesses.

If you ARE fully booked...'ll still benefit from a website as follows:

  • Informing your clients; e.g. re directions to you.
  • Your T&C's & privacy policy legally safeguard you.
  • You can target the types of clients you prefer.
  • Managed expectations reduces complaints.
  • As an expert, you can educate & help people everywhere, if you're too busy to help in person.
  • Ability to control access via log-in, e.g. rhino population mapping.

Your website is effective if you:

  • are BUSY
  • have likeable, loyal customers
  • tested its mobile friendliness
  • enjoy good brand recognition
  • get good reviews & few complaints
  • are found on Google for key search terms
  • learn barrier to more sales via Analytics
  • have growing Database & Audiences
  • don't answer the same questions repeatedly.

Stop small business opportunities passing you by, get your website effective NOW!

Know when/how to use Portal Listings

Business Directories & Industry listings like Booking . com are not always effective for small businesses. They don't filter your clients, confuse your market, often at a higher cost, even if free or commission-based. They dilute your brand & "Google juice" & come up above your own website in searches for YOUR business name!

Why us for Website development?

Web developers are a dime a dozen, so why consider us?

  1. We rock responsive & mobile-friendly web design.
  2. Your business archetype, branding, USP's & strategy saturates web development.
  3. We translate business challenges into technical solutions to a business problem.
  4. We build robust & FAST websites in HTML not CMS.
  5. We break large amounts of info into logical chunks with awesome navigation: for great user experience!
  6. We use key terms on good Adwords landing pages.
  7. We build background technical files business owners don't see (and don't know they're missing) - designed to help Google index your site, so that YOUR clients find YOU quicker.
  8. We use a RAD (Rapid Application Development) approach, involving you to keep expectations aligned.
  9. As specialists, we work fast, hence the most affordable websites for small businesses.
  10. We LOVE this work & we're pleasant to work with!

"The website looks amazing; I'm very happy and great thanks to you for having the creativity to implement what I visualized. So pleased !!"


Some recent websites we've built (apart from our own):

Small Business Volution has professional website developers and website designers Look at examples of websites built by Small Business Volution

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Transform your business with a professional website!

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