With Google Analytics you can measure your success, make sense of how your website is being found and used and make more money by tweaking your digital marketing efforts.


An Analytics tool (e.g. Google Analytics, which is free) is ideally included in your website from the start to to measure the success of your website, your Adwords campaigns and marketing strategy. Performance measurement prompts tweaking for ever-better results.

Get clarity on visitor demographics, the technology they use, how they navigate through your website, popular pages and on which pages they bounce (exit your site), and more.

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It pays to use a Google Analytics expert to help implement, extract and interpret analytics reports.  A Google Analytics Professional or Google Analytics consultant will offer best returns on a small outlay.


This example also shows how good SEO brings in good visitor hits, visiting multiple website pages per session - analytics bears out her good income from business.
You cannot measure the success of your website, your marketing strategy or your adwords campaigns without regularly delving into your Google Analytics reports.


The example shows a 1-month high-level analytics report excerpt from one of our clients. This website gets great organic visits from good SEO that can be further enhanced with highly targeted AdWords campaigns. Here follows more examples of how statistical indicator trends can benefit you:

If most people bounce (i.e. exit) your website from your "Prices / Rates" page: they want what you offer, but they found the pricing too high, too low or plain confusing, or there was no clear next step for them.

If 80% of your web traffic comes from mobile devices: you'd better have a mobile friendly website to avoid being penalised by search engines!

A sharp increase in German tourists visiting your website: a German translation could bring a huge increase in conversions and income.

Pages that are never visited: they could be dead, or simply dilute your SEO juice - rethink, refine or remove.

Visitors don't click through to a page you intended for them to see next: fix the flow.

Seeing the search terms that landed people on your website: may mean tweaking of your SEO or refining your Adwords campaigns.

If web visitors dropped sharply year on year: get to the cause of it or revisit your marketing strategy.

Not only does Google Analytics reports and analytics metrics help you measure the success of your digital marketing efforts, but it is one of the cheapest ways to increase conversions and income.


An analytical tool such as Google Analytics works on the basis of registering a Google Analytics account for your website. This generates a code snippet which is included on each page of your website. This is done once-off.

Then, whenever a site visitor surfs your website, this code snippet activates the automatic collection of a host of statistics including the demographics of the visitor, how they entered the page using which search terms (if applicable), how long they stayed and how they exited the page and much more.

One can then log into Google Analytics at any time to view and drill down into these metrics, collated into meaningful graphs, per specified time period, or even comparing period-on-period metrics to better assess trends. Interpretation of these complex reports takes time, statistical ability and marketing skill and is invaluable for improving conversions.

The setting up of Analytics is a once-off task. The ongoing interpretation of analytics should be done at least monthly. If you know how to interpret data, you can do this yourself easily. If not, we offer this service on a monthly retainer or per-time basis and we can also do the marketing strategy refinement, new niche definition or perform website tweaking to help you implement recommendations and increase conversions.

Empower yourself with Analytics. A small investment of money and time can make you much more income!

  • Do you know the most popular pages on your website? The least?
  • Why do visitors leave your website without being converted into clients?
  • How can you use the demographics of your site visitors to get more income?

Does your business tick all these?ASK YOURSELF


If you don't have a website yet, get a top website developer to include Analytics on each web page from the start.

If you have a website already, ask us to include Analytics for you.

Retrospective addition of Analytics to an existing website is charged at R1200 for websites of up to 10 pages (we'll custom-quote you for larger websites). This also includes your first executive summary available after a month, containing powerful interpretive recommendations for the tweaking of your digital marketing.

We also provide ongoing extraction of Analytics reports and an executive summary of the interpretation and recommendations, if needed, on a monthly retainer basis, or on an ad-hoc per-time basis. Learn more in our blog articles about Analytics

Understanding visitor behaviour is very powerful. Use it to your advantage!

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