Analytics for Small Business Websites

Google Analytics ideally should be included from the start in all small business website development projects.

This tool (typically free) is used to analyse your website's performance, who is using it & how they are navigating through it, so that you keep improving your website & your Digital Marketing Engine:

A great Digital Marketing Engine will make use of Google analytics to continually improve the website and marketing

You can tweak your marketing or website content if you follow statistical indicator trends, for example:

  • If most people bounce (i.e. exit) your website from your "Prices / Rates" page - they want what you offer, but they found the pricing too high, too low or plain confusing.
  • If 80% of your web traffic comes from mobile devices, you'd better have a mobile friendly website for your business!
  • A sharp increase in German tourists visiting your website may possibly mean increased conversion in a new German version.
  • If web visitors dropped sharply year on year, what caused it?

Google Analytics Set-up & Training for Business Owners

Small Business Volution is affordable enough if you want us to set up  website analytics for you once-off. You can also retain our services on a monthly basis to interpret your Analytics and recommend web changes.

Outsource analytics & interpretation of reports and resultant website maintenance, to free you up for strategic management.

However, some clients want to personally view and interpret the analytics reports to keep tabs on their client's web behaviour and we are able to train you (or a key, committed person in your business) on:

  • Extracting relevant Analytics reports
  • Interpreting what they mean to your business & website strategy

An hourly rate applies to Analytics training and we'll quote you in advance.

To get the lowdown on Google Analytics contact us!

An Analytics Example

The below image shows an excerpt from one of our sole proprietor client's Monthly Google Analytics Executive Summary.  Although she cannot afford AdWords, she's getting plenty organic hits from good SEO!  Much more detail is available on aspects like source platforms, operating systems, individual page performance etc. plus you can "drill down" into it all:

Steps to responsible business approaches

If you want to see Analytics for YOUR business, contact us