Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for Small Business

SEO for small business means that you want search engines like Google or Yahoo to show your website to people entering certain search terms  appropriate to your business, also termed organic search (as opposed to Adwords Paid Search).

It is an integral part of a website and key to your Digital Marketing Engine:

A working Digital Marketing Engine must include search engine optimisation

Good SEO means that your small business website appears high on Google (page 1 or 2) for broad search phrases applicable to your offering, or at numbers 1-4 for very specific search terms applicable to your offering.

For example: you want to be in the race when people search for "west coast physiotherapist"; and you want to be up high for "physiotherapist saldanha sport injury".

NB: you can only influence this webpage ranking with good web design since complex algorithms determine website page rank.  If you want to make sure you appear high in results, also use Google Adwords.

Great, well-structured content informed by superb Marketing Strategy is a good start. The design of a website developed by professionals, written in HTML to make it fast and a responsive & Mobile-friendly website is non-negotiable.

Why an SEO expert is worth it...

You really want an SEO specialist to help you with the many technical aspects & pitfalls. If you're operating in a particularly competitive field and/or you have a big goal to steal a top spot away from a competitor, this could mean a lot of money spent to top Marketing & SEO professionals! The top experts are priced way out of small business' budget reach and it's difficult to find someone clued up, and affordable, to positively impact your small business website's success.

Every year, Google changes its pagerank algorithm 500–600 times! These changes are mostly minor.  Occasionally a major algorithm update e.g. Panda or Penguin will be released that can adversely affect previously good search placements. Some of the do's & don'ts preached only 10 years ago will get you negative results if practised today!

SEO experts spend hours on researching the latest relevant articles, watching videos and doing testing on the internet to try reverse engineer exactly how a search engine decides on pagerank (i.e. how well your web pages rank for certain search terms). Google will only share general aspects of algorithm changes and NOT the detailed workings.

In other words, SEO requires specific, ongoing effort to keep your small business discoverable on the internet.

Small Business SEO Services & Training

If you play in a small, niche market with not much competition, you may naturally rank high if your website has good and relevant content presented in a structured and easily accessible way.

Good website developers like Small Business Volution, will as a matter of course, include SEO for the search terms provided; and Google Analytics would have been included in your website so you can track web visitors' search behaviour to tweak your website.

I.e. Small Business Volution is affordable enough if you want us to handle the technical aspects of your new website's search engine optimisation for your small business (with you providing the key words and phrases you want to rank for, related to your industry).

If you want help with defining the search terms & phrases you need to rank for, we offer marketing consulting & keyword research. This art requires creative thinking, target market knowledge and keyword tools to assess the relative popularity of related terms.

We are able to SEO an existing website retrospectively, although this often will cost a lot relative to the cost of the website. In extreme cases, it may even require you to use a new domain name or other integral changes to affect the speed of your page loads.

We recommend you get a professional to help you with SEO from the outset, even as early as when you are doing your Marketing Strategy, and definitely when you are planning your website, as it is a highly specialised and technical field.

If you want to understand the high level concept of SEO better so that you are able to converse with your IT people about it and to understand the implications of strategic and operational decisions on your website's SEO, we are able to train you on how search engines work and how SEO is implemented. We'll quote you in advance.

We'd love to help. Let us know how we can help your website rank?