Power of a Digital Marketing Engine

A Digital Marketing Engine includes integrated components that mutually re-inforce  one another, create multiple growth volutions with exponential success over time, via increased, targeted audiences.

You need an integrated, mutually reinforcing Digital Marketing Engine to grow your business audience and market

For quickest results, implement as many of the elements as you can right away, so your brand becomes visible in all areas. If you can't, your first step is always great content on a solid website design.

If marketing on the web or questions on how to market online have arisen for you, this page is for you. It addresses 'how to market my website online'.

This Digital Marketing Engine Model is so powerful, we offer a full 1-day course to organisations on it!

Key Digital Marketing Components

Digital Marketing Engine COMPONENTS we can build for you:

The GOALS of a Digital Marketing Engine are:

  • Sales and income - we all know the more leads, the more business, IF you funnel your clients via a journey to a call-to-action.
  • Cheapest possible conversion cost - via inviting a WIDER audience (traffic, likes, followers, pagerank) which you then NARROWLY target (Adwords, Facebook Ads), increasing the probability of a match between your offer & your client's needs.
  • Brand-building - if your strong logo and message is seen multiple times on multiple platforms, your audience will recognise it instantly.
  • Loyalty and retention - continually reaching out to, providing info & suggesting next steps to existing clients via various touch-points.
  • Authority - good, helpful content for free in your Blog, Newsletters & Website, helps you become a recognised authority in your field, attracting a bigger audience!

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A Website that Works

The non-negotiable foundation for your online marketing efforts should always be a good, fast, well-ranking website.

It is the stable, more passive cornerstone component of marketing on the internet, built to save you time and energy. It is likely the cheapest element that requires minimal ongoing time investment from you overall. It provides credibility and if the content is structured & optimised, it brings you business through organic search.

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Website Analytics

There are free Website Analytics tools to help you measure, and tweak, your website performance and that of related ad campaigns. Its inextricably entwined with improving your website's organic performance.

Tools like Google Analytics will show you a plethora of information about the source, nature, demographics, behaviour and statistics around visitors to your website. We can help you understand how to use these statistics.

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SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

If your website is not easily found or you want to seriously compete with a major player in your market, you'll need professional SEO services. Experts can help you phrase the terms you want to be found for and then change your website so that search engines rank you better for those phrases.

This fits in with your website development to help you rank organically.

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Adwords Campaigns

To stimulate immediate business, you pay for a prominent position in search results for main search phrases, via affordable Google Adwords campaigns. It's timeous & targeted. It incurs ongoing costs (within small business budgets) and requires a couple hours/week for campaign refinement.

Your clients find you EXACTLY when they need your EXACT offering - IF your campaign was set up professionally (else you pay a forture for little results).

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An Evolving Digital World

The digital marketing arena has evolved very fast, so no wonder most entrepreneurs don't know where to start or worry about ongoing maintenance of their Digital Marketing efforts.

We spend at least one man-day per week actively researching the latest Digital Marketing Trends, methods and Digital marketing best practices; so we are better able to help keep our clients on top of their game.

Other components of a Digital Marketing Engine that double up as Growth Strategies:

  • Facebook Business - A Facebook Business Page is a free resource which you can set up yourself or get a professional to set up quickly, cheaply & following best practices. The advantages of Facebook include that it offers a personal, engaging & responsive communication channel with your market IF you invest enough time daily to post & interact. It's incredibly powerful for targeted advertising to quickly create an aura of authority. Viral growth is possible but unpredictable. See more at Facebook Ad Campaigns, Lookalike Audiences & Re-marketing.
  • E-mail marketing - marketing via regular, relevant newsletters to an audience who elected to receive them is still a key part of your marketing engine, despite the flamboyance recently lent to Facebook marketing. There are many facets to this beyond the obvious, e.g. journeys, courses, webinars, competitions and challenges that can be run automatically once set up.

Get yourself a Digital Marketing Engine!

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Don't fear digital marketing concepts if they are new to you!!
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"I was super impressed with Ronel's knowledge of digital marketing, including website development, SEO optimization, Google AdWords and Social Media integration. She knows how to align the online strategy with the business strategy and how to make money from it."


 A solid small business website forms the basis of your digital marketing strategy To be found organically on Google your website needs to be search engine optimised Drive targeted business to your website with AdWords Campaigns Know wether your website is effective with google analytics Build your Facebook for Business Page with social media activators on your website Regular newsletters to your client and/or potential client database helps with growth and sales