Small Business Adwords Campaigns

To overcome uncertainty about how search engines will rank your business website organically, you purchase web clicks through AdWords (also termed paid search or pay per click marketing). It is a fast-acting and major part of your Digital Marketing Engine:

A fantastic Digital Marketing Engine relies on great adwords campaigns

Adwords can be an expensive minefield that swallows your marketing budget with little result, if you don't understand it. There are also several metrics (like Cost per Click, or Click Through Rate) to interpret the success of your campaigns. You can then adjust budget, pause / start campaigns, create new key phrases, up your bid on key terms or add negative key words as a result.

Your business website landing pages need to be appropriate for your campaign ads and keywords, so that Google assigns a good quality score, which reduces your costs.

Unless you instantly know how Google will serve your ads differently in relation to "tourims map knysna" vs tourism map knysna, and what the difference in costs will be to you, you need an Adwords professional!

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Paid Search VS Organic Search

A question we often get is re the difference between Paid Search (i.e. via Adwords Ad Campaigns), and Organic Search (i.e. free placement via good website SEO).

Essentially, you have control over the costs and phrases you want to be found for in Adwords, whereas your organic placement is free, but you can merely influence Google via doing good Search Engine Optimisation.

In an AdWords Campaign you can get Google to place you in a prominent position in search results by doing at least the following:

  • Analysing your Google Analytics reports to identify suitable search phrases & research them via the Google keyword tool
  • Specifying specific keywords and phrases that you want to be found for
  • Specifying who and where the clients are that you want to reach
  • Specifying your bid per keyword click to your website, as well as budget per time period
  • Specify Landing Pages relevant to the search terms
  • Specifying negative terms for which you never want to pay for clicks (e.g. if the search included "immediate delivery" and you only craft unique solid wood furniture on commission).

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The Crux re Adwords for Small Business

The key understanding to gain about AdWords for small businesses especially, is that people who are looking for EXACTLY what you are offering, EXACTLY now, can find you immediately.

You need a Google AdWords campaign to be running before you can benefit though!

So structuring Ad Campaigns in Google AdWords is an exceptionally powerful form of bringing in business, and income, quickly.

A Real World Example

A Google Search results page (SERP) for specific terms & date where our client shows up both:

  • As a Paid Ad
  • AND in the number one position for Organic Search
Example of paid search in SERPS

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