Google Ads and Google Adwords are the most cost-effective marketing tools around - measurable, targeted, timely and relevant - IF done by a professional!


Clients are looking for exactly what you offer, right now. With Google Ads, they can find YOUR website, right now! The power of Adwords lies in instant results. If you use a professional Adwords consultant, you can gain very cost-effective, measurable and highly targeted new clients NOW. If marketing is costing too much, get a Google Ads expert!

"I was super impressed with SBV's digital marketing, including... SEO optimization and Google AdWords... They know how to align online strategy with business strategy and how to make money from it."

Get New Clients Now Google Adwords Specialist can set up, monitor and optimise your Google Ads and Adwords Campaigns to get best results at cheapest costs.

Google Ads / Adwords Campaigns combined with a quality website and ongoing SEO is the only way to gain a sustainable competitive advantage!


Organic Search placement is free, but takes a long time to work and largely out of your control. Paid Search costs you, but offers instant results, under your control.

IF your website has excellent SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), all your web pages are indexed and getting lots of relevant traffic so Google ranks your website well, THEN it may come up high in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) for your search terms.

To overcome your limited influence over how search engines rank your website organically, buy web clicks via Google Ads / AdWords (Paid Search / PPC / Pay Per Click marketing).

Professional Adwords campaigns target your ideal client, when they need you, and show your ads at the top of the SERPS at a cost. You have total control over your budget, ads, timing and target demographic.

PPC marketing is when there is a CPC (Cost per Click) to your website from an Adwords Ad.


Adwords is very powerful and cheap if set up correctly; an expensive mine-field if not done professionally!

While the Google Ads concept is simple, its correct implementation is complex and technical. An Adwords expert will create highly targeted campaigns and well-written ads leading to relevant landing sites to boost your Quality Score: your Cost-Per-Click drops and your Click-Through-Rate increases over time.

You pay Google for each qualified click to your website. If you pay for unwanted or unconvertable clicks, it's due to poor campaign set-up.

Ongoing professional management by an Adwords manager reduces your campaigns costs while optimising to improve Google's Quality Score, which further reduces costs.

Adwords consultant, Adwords expert, Adwords advisor, Adwords service / Google Ads consultant, Google Ads expert, Google Ads advisor, Google Ads service - call it what you want - you need one to get this right - at least to set it up and provide you with key Adwords training!


If you need a Google Ads campaign, or have an ineffective campaign that is costing you too much, get a qualified Adwords consultant who knows the success factors of quality Google Adwords campaigns.

Inputs include: Marketing Strategy, USP's, Ideal Client, Analytics, budget, relevant Landing Pages, key phrases to be found for plus those you DON'T want to pay for.

Our Adwords consultant will refine the search terms via a keyword tool research (plus our secret recipe!) and then meticulously construct the campaigns, ads, keywords, bids, demographics and other targeting mechanisms in the Adwords tool.

Ongoing management includes the review of your Analytics and campaign results in order to tweak key phrases, adjust bids and add negative key words.


If you are new to Google Ads / Adwords, we'll teach you the terminology and guide you along the process. You cannot afford to ignore this cost-effective marketing avenue. This is work we love!

A Digital Marketing Strategy requires Adwords Campaigns to help feed the engine and crank up results in all other speheres.  There is no better way to target your audience!


Costs are tailored to your budget and needs; below are rough guidelines.

As always, you get what you pay for!

ENTRY LEVEL: R1 800 - R2 000, built in 1 week, supported for 3 weeks. One campaign for brand exposure or a key offering. Input provided by Client. Basic Google Ads training for ongoing monitoring.

MID LEVEL: R3 400 - R4 000, built in 10 days. Campaigns for at least your top 3 products / services; the rest as per above.

EXPERT LEVEL: R18 000 - R30 000, built in 3-4 weeks, supported for 3 months. A full turn-key service: we analyse your marketing strategy, do competitive analysis of key words, build 3-5 campaigns, analyse results and tweak.

ONGOING MANAGEMENT: campaign management is offered on retainer or per time basis.


Adwords metrics allows you to assess your results and to adjust your budget, bids or even pause your campaigns. If Google Ads are not bringing in good business for you now, it wasn't set up by an Adwords expert.

Google Ads / Adwords metrics are complex and time-bound and best interpreted by an Adwords Professional. Get Adwords ideas by looking at your analytics.
  • Is your inbox full of client enquiries?
  • Is your Adwords' Click-Through-Rate > 3%?
  • Do you genuinely like the clients you work with?
  • Do you know how using "quotes", can save you heaps of cash?
  • Do you understand why to use Adwords even if your site ranks high?

Does your business tick these Paid Search list?ASK YOURSELF


You either need to pay for an exceptional website and ongoing professional SEO while you wait for Google to rank your site; OR you need to pay for professional Google Ads consulting for instant results; OR you pay for both if you want an explosion of new business and a sustainable competitive advantage!

Creating structured Ad Campaigns in Google Ads is an exceptionally powerful form of bringing in business, and income, quickly - if set up professionally.

To benefit from instant clients, though, you need AdWords campaigns to be running..

We have the Google Ads experience to help you with quality, cost-effective Adwords campaigns built quickly and to budget and we can do ongoing management of Google Ad campaigns on retainer basis, or per-time basis.

"I highly recommend Ronel for her attention to detail, her passion, her drive and her objectivity."

Let's get You New Clients Now! Grow your business with targeting Adwords Campaigns that are designed to entire your ideal client to see your landing page per offering