How you see your clients, affects how your clients see you

Number 1 marketing killer

We want our clients to notice us, need us and celebrate us once we’ve helped them solve a problem.

We spend hours and money to create tools, SEO our website, post to Facebook etc. But there is ONE element, if overlooked, that will negatively influence the vibe of any marketing material we create.


Consider the following statements – which one is most true for YOU?

  • My clients are just prospects needing to be moved through a process, only once the sale is made do they become clients
  • I get excited with each email or call! My clients are great people and I love being able to solve a problem for them
  • Clients can be unreasonably demanding, want everything for nothing – I sometimes dread client-facing interaction

The statement you chose will influence and inform every decision you make in your marketing efforts. It will shine through the words and images you choose. It will shine through in the sales process you use to guide your clients to a solution. It will affect everything.

If you are working very hard at your online marketing without seeing results – check your attitude towards your client. Do whatever it takes to fix it, if needed.

We wish for you that your digital marketing attracts loads of wonderful, appreciative clients!



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Author: Ronel Pieterse

Ronel has spent 24 years in the corporate world (finance, banking, mining, manufacturing and agriculture) and has also started 5 small businesses herself over the past 20 years. Four of these are still operational today in one form or another. Ronel's passion is to use her considerable skills in spheres of business and IT to help other small business owners and entrepreneurs to grow their businesses to the next level and to attain sustainable competitive advantage in the process.

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