We are real greenies at Small Business Volution!

Our Knysna office is completely off the grid and we collect rain water, generate electricity through an array of solar panels, treat our own sewerage, re-use our gray water, compost & recycle, grow our own organic veggies, keep a flock of free-range chickens and even harvest honey from our own bee hives.  At our small West Coast office we grow organic veggies in planters and employ water-saving practices.

We are locavores (we try source what we need from local small businesses).  We tend toward a minimalist approach and only keep stuff "we believe to be beautiful or useful". Another reason we prefer to work remotely, is to reduce our carbon footprint.

From a social responsibility perspective, most of us volunteer at animal shelters in our free time.  We give back to the community through informal educational initiatives to introduce kids to water saving, veggie growing & responsible pet custodianship.

We are deeply committed to sustainable business practices, which includes this eco-friendly green approach. We believe the small steps of many are more impactful than the perfect efforts of the few.

If you'd like to tread lightly in your own home or business, contact us

"Ronel is a multifaceted persona with a rare mix of high intelligence, and superb competence, peppered with touch of whimsical and magical energy."


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Our eco-friendliness affects our clients

Steps to responsible business approaches

Why should you care? Although our green business approach stems from our personal convictions, it affects our clients in various ways:

  • We aim for the simplest, most elegant solution to any challenge and you'll also find this in our business advice to you.
  • A green approach is now a key competitive advantage for small businesses. More consumers of services and products are starting to select suppliers based on their impact on our planet; those on board with this are more likely to build customer loyalty and survive tough economic times.
  • We hope your own responsible business approach  helps you choose us to walk your small business journey with you :)
  • If we're overwhelmed with work and need to select the small businesses to help at a point in time, we'll consider applicants' approach to sustainability as a selection factor. We'll similarly be picky with the small business consultants we employ or cooperate with.

What we'd really like to create even more than a small business boom, is a GREEN small business boom!

Let us help YOUR business to thrive and flourish while making a difference to our children's inheritance: Mother Earth.