Facebook Business Page (versus personal) – a must have for small business

Use a Facebook Business Page rather than a Personal Profile for your small business.

If you have a small business or entrepreneurial concern, you need a Facebook Business Page; i.e. unless you don’t mind tagging along behind in your competitors’ dust!

Facebook Business offers a free, professional presence accessible to small businesses.  It can be set up in-house if there’s clarity on the overall strategy and commitment required.

Please note there is a distinction between a Personal Profile and a Business Page, else this article may confuse you!

Use a Facebook Business Page rather than a Personal Profile for your small business.
Use a Facebook Business Page rather than a Personal Profile for your small business.

7 Keys to Success with a Business Facebook Page:

~1~ Prioritize Facebook within a Digital Marketing Strategy

Consider that a Facebook user is generally in a more relaxed, receptive state of mind, open to beauty and value, than the same user would be while on LinkedIn, for example.  Facebook is critical to attract clients that would otherwise not look at your business!

Because Facebook for Business is so accessible, a business will often task a junior person to stitch something together without first clarifying the strategy, goals, the method or the tracking required etc.  Then, if there aren’t quick results, the business owner sighs: “Facebook Business didn’t work for us”.  It will work, if you work it!

Facebook Business is a powerful tool and if you do not have a savvy, committed person in-house to run it, be prepared to pay for professional help.

If you think working with professionals is expensive, try working with amateurs!

~2~ Use Facebook Business Page instead of Private Profile

Facebook frowns upon personal profiles being used for business (it’s against their T&C’s).

More importantly, remember that your ultimate goal is to create a sell-able business of more than 5000 followers (the limit on a personal profile).  You can only sell something that is detached from you personally: e.g. with the latest business I sold, it took 2 minutes to change the Page Admin and the business’ Facebook Page was transferred.

There are also tools available to Facebook Business Pages that are not available to personal profiles, e.g. Tabs, Competitions, Facebook Offers, Facebook Scheduling, Admin Roles, Business-relevant information fields,  etc.  You will want to use these tools at some stage as your business grows.

Privacy considerations mean that your personal profile may default your posts to tighter privacy controls that make your posts un-shareable. You want them to go viral.

Lastly, you may agree that for a business to have a gender and a birthday is silly (when forced to parade as a personal profile).

~3~ Use a Facebook Business Type requiring an Address

If you do not have an address listed on your Page, your business will not be able to be rated nor reviewed (i.e. rated on the 5 stars, with or without a review added) and your clients will complain that this functionality does not work. No reviews = no credibility.

If you don’t want to advertise your home address (e.g. you are a traveling masseuse), you should still aim to have some form of address.

If you have branches in different cities, be aware that Facebook, at this stage, only allows you to load one address, so make it your head office.  You can add in the free-form part of the address, something similar to what we had to do: “We work all over South Africa”.

~4~ Use your Facebook Business Page to measure Success

Facebook Insights provide loads of information for you to assess your market’s characteristics and behaviour.

Even better, you can set up a watch-list of your key competitors so that you can compare Page engagement and more.  You continually need to know where you stand and where you can improve.

~5~ Add value to your Facebook Business Page followers

The aim of your Facebook Business Page is to a) be visible on social media and searchable and b) to get engagement to build credibility with an interested audience so that c) you can increase your cash-flow and reputation over the long run.

We all ultimately need to sell, which means we DO need to ask for the sale and make it a no-brainer for an interested visitor to take up an offer.  We need to keep followers engaged until they need what we offer.  In the meantime, we educate, delight & encourage.

You will quickly lose engagement if you only post special or push products.

~6~ Use Efficient ways to grow your Audience

Apart from posting great content that your followers enjoy and share, you also should invite your friends to like your Business page.  A friend may not be in need of your service, but THEIR friends may well be.  Most friends are happy to connect you this way.

Another way to work smartly, is to promote Posts rather than the Page itself (we find this generally cheaper).  You are then able to manually invite the people who liked your Posts, to then also like your Page (two birds with one stone).  This works best if you invite them soon after the Post like, else they won’t remember the Page and feel confused.

~7~ Ultimately, target specific Audiences for specific Offers

In its simplest form, you can add country and age restrictions on your Facebook Business Page’s audience, if you want to.  You may not want to: remember you want to reach the people connected via people who like your page so why exclude the granny in Amsterdam if she has a host of family in your area, needing your service or product?

On the more advanced end, a well crafted Facebook Ad Campaign helps you reach a highly refined Audience of people likely to be very interested in a specific Post, event or offer.  If done using a variety of digital tools in a mutually strengthening loop, Facebook Marketing is one of the cheapest forms of advertising to drive conversions!

If you structure your campaigns well, and use resources available to you (e.g. targeting a Facebook Post to your newsletter subscriber lists;  or to those who recently visited your Website – ask us how!), you’ll increase ad-reach on a minimal budget.

Every success key mentioned above comes with a myriad pitfalls if you get it wrong.  Take an online course or ask us to help you structure your efforts according to our Digital Marketing Engine* model.  The only way to lose money with Facebook Marketing is if you dive in without enough knowledge…

Tricks of the Facebook Marketing trade will seriously help you get ahead of your competitors. Get help; it’s worth it!



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Author: Ronel Pieterse

Ronel has spent 24 years in the corporate world (finance, banking, mining, manufacturing and agriculture) and has also started 5 small businesses herself over the past 20 years. Four of these are still operational today in one form or another. Ronel's passion is to use her considerable skills in spheres of business and IT to help other small business owners and entrepreneurs to grow their businesses to the next level and to attain sustainable competitive advantage in the process.

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