5 Simple Strategies to Keep Momentum this Holiday Season

Keep momentum when you take a break

Like us, you’ve probably survived a challenging year and can see the holidays (however short they may be for you) winking out the corner of your weary eye.  How can you take a break and keep momentum?

1 ~ Sharpen your Axe!

Even viable Small Businesses fail simply because the owners burn out. Reconnect with loved ones, rest, read, walk in Nature.  Exhale, re-group, take a break.

2 ~ Ride the Creative Wave

Your brain is more creative when rested and in nature – scientific fact.  While you walk on the beach or in a cool green forest – brainstorm wild new ways in which you can connect with and help your clients. Jot it down to make work of after your holiday.

3 ~ Pre-schedule Your Presence

Stay top of mind by scheduling Social Media posts in advance or even pre-scheduling a mailshot – your engine can continue ticking over while you nap in a hammock.

4 ~ Keep your Radar On

You are likely to cross paths with people this holiday who will benefit from your product or service.  Don’t do business, just sincerely connect and gather business cards.

5 ~ Invite Support

If you have to work throughout (e.g. hospitality), consider getting support or an experienced business-sitter for a couple of days before your crazy season.  I know from experience how hard it is to let go for even a few days, yet it is critically important for the survival of your business – and yourself.

You HAVE to recharge your batteries and with a little forethought you don’t need to miss out on business opportunities.

Keep momentum when you take a break
Keep momentum when you take a break

We wish you flawless holiday planning and let us know if we can support you in any way.



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Author: Ronel Pieterse

Ronel has spent 24 years in the corporate world (finance, banking, mining, manufacturing and agriculture) and has also started 5 small businesses herself over the past 20 years. Four of these are still operational today in one form or another. Ronel's passion is to use her considerable skills in spheres of business and IT to help other small business owners and entrepreneurs to grow their businesses to the next level and to attain sustainable competitive advantage in the process.

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